Bad back hampers training

So, since I fell off my bike in Derbyshire I have had a bad back which has meant that my cycling has not been going to plan. Since Easter, I have managed one 25 mile ride which was meant to be 30 but I had to stop due to the back and two spinning lessons one of which I took very easy.

I have seen various professionals. A Chiropractor a massage therapist and the latest – an Osteopath. Not because one wasn’t working but because I wanted to throw the kitchen sink at it getting better. Each have given me exercises to do. My back does seem to be getting better so this evening, I plan to go one an easy 20 miler. I say easy but it wont be – there will be many hills.

Bike Fit

My trip to the Osteopath on Friday was as a result of ensuring my bike fit me. Prior to the prolonged bad back, I was getting a bad back and neck while in the saddle for long periods of time. I therefore went to “Bike Fit” in Swindon Cycles with Dean an Osteopath.

I was quite nervous about it but it was really good. Dean took measurements and angles of me whilst on the bike in various positions. He made adjustments to the saddle position and handle bar height., he put dots on my knees to see how aligned they were when I was cycling. He used a laser to identify that where it was aligned to the dots at the bottom of the peddle, at the top, my knees were no where near aligned to were they were at the bottom. Dean therefore altered the position of my cleats on my shoes and loosened the pedals so they were easier to get in and out.

In addition, he measured my pedalling efficiency and power. Apparently, my legs are very balanced in their efficiency – at times 50/50. Which is weird as I often feel that my right leg is doing all the work. However, we agreed this may be when I am a bit fatigued. I think my power could be better though.

Dean also examined my back and gave me some exercises to do. All the experts I have seen have agreed I am wonky however, it is to do with muscles rather than bone which is good. I am therefore working on the exercises to ensure that I can try to alleviate the muscle issue and therefore eradicate the bad back.

Fund Raising

While the cycling hasn’t gone too well, the fundraising has been better. On Saturday Kate, Kate, Jenna and I held a Coffee morning in West Bridgford in Nottinghamshire. We had cakes, tea coffee, a Tombola, a raffle, a jumble sale, kids crafts and lots more. The event was brilliant. It was very well supported and we managed to raise just under £1,600. The proceeds will be split between each of us for our chosen charities. Therefore that’s just under £400 each! Thanks so much to everyone who supported the event and helped out on the day.

I am holding. Coffee morning in Highworth on 19th May 10am – 1pm. There will be cakes, savouries, tea, coffee, some crafts, a Tom old and a silent auction. Come along, I’d love to see you there. If you cant come (or even if you can) any donations of cakes, Tombola or silent auction prizes will be greatly appreciated.

You can also support me by donating here.

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