Cleat Training

I have managed 2 rides with my feet clipped in and I haven’t fallen off (yet).

On Thursday, I went out with Woody for “cleat training’ which consisted of putting my foot in and taking it out. I found that taking my foot out was actually easier than putting it back in. It is quite difficult to locate where the cleat slots in. Sometimes, when it isn’t going in easily, it is easy to get into a bit of a panic. You push down too hard and your foot slips off the pedal.  Luckily I didn’t do that too many times.  The worst was when I took both feet out – I felt totally out of control which is odd as you would think I would feel more out of control with my feet clipped in – attached to the bike. It helped that Woody said “feet” every time we approached a junction.

I also mastered drinking while riding. I am still pretty useless as taking one hand off the handle bars but hopefully it’ll come with confidence and time.

On Friday, Woody, Dave and I went out for a 20 mile ride. It was the route we have done previously but instead of coming back into HIghworth via the Lechlade road we went along the road from Buscot to Coleshill. Now one thing I forgot was the killer hill into Coleshill.  I took it slow and steady. There was one hairy moment when there was a “car front” and a “car back”. I thought I might fall off. However, I got to the top without dismounting. I was knackered but I made it. From Coleshill, we went along Fresden Lane (all uphill) and passed Wrag Barn back into Highworth.

It was a pleasant ride. Think I am getting used to these cleats!

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