100 miles done!

It’s been a while since I have posted about any of my London to Paris training. It has been taking over my life.

Since I last posted, I have done various rides in Scotland, Cornwall, Leeds, Nottingham and of course in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.

At the weekend, I joined the other L2P ladies in Nottingham to do our first 100 miles (I think actual cyclists call it a century). We hadn’t originally planned to do 100 but I was keen to get one under my belt – just so I had done more than the miles of the longest day which is 86.  Previously, my longest ride was 77 miles.

Having had about 2 months with hot sunny days, no wind and parched land, we woke up on Saturday to windy conditions and broken sunshine. We set off at about 9.30am and headed out to the the Vale of Belvoir (pronounced Beaver). Although there were some route finding issues, the first 40 miles were quite frankly a doddle and when we stopped for our first pit stop we were all commending ourselves on how well we were doing and how great we were feeling.  It didn’t last! On setting off, we changed direction and were confronted by a horrendous head-wind. Soon after setting off I was pondering what the heck we were doing and wondering if I could get my dad to come and pick me up. The wind was so strong, it was like cycling up hill. We couldn’t pick up any speed and it was just a battle.

I don’t entirely think that the first 40 miles were easy because we had the wind behind because even when we turned out of the wind, cross-winds would almost take us out if we crossed an opening in a hedge.

We battled on for another 30 miles before we stopped again for further refreshments in Orston. By this point we were feeling pretty hysterical and were laughing at quite literally nothing. The highs and lows were quite extreme and we were all feeling very jealous of the people in the pub drinking wine.

As soon as we left the pub, the skies opened. It rained so much that my shoes were full of water and my feet were like prunes. It was not pleasant. However, I would take the rain over the wind any day.

Heads down, we pressed on and with some twists and turns around West Bridgford to get the miles up, we got home with 100.8 miles under our belts! It’s pretty insane!

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