New Year – Time to review your finances?

Happy New Year! It’s 2020 a chance to start afresh and do all of those things you said you were going to do last year but didn’t get round to.   With this in mind, is it time to review your finances?


Have you been collecting pensions from various employers? Do you know where they are invested and whether this is in line with your attitude to investment risk? Do you even know how much they are worth and if they are on track to provide you with your desired lifestyle when you retire?

Don’t leave it too late and bury your head in the sand – if you discover you have too little retirement provision the year before you wish to retire, you may need to make some very difficult decisions at that time.


Do you have money in savings and investments? Do you know how they are invested and whether they are on track to realise your financial goals. Have you utilised your ISA allowance this tax year? Are you invested as tax efficiently as you can be?


Do you have sufficient cover should anything happen to you? Do you have any at all? What would you do if you were diagnosed with a critical illness or worse still, died? Do you need the peace of mind that cover is in place?

Take action

Reviewing our finances is something that we often put off – life gets in the way. Don’t put it off until it is too late.

If you haven’t had a review of your finances for the last 2 years and you are unsure of how your money is working for you, now could be the ideal time to review whether you are on track to achieve your goals and your financial plan is still right for you.

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