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Whatever stage you are at in your life, financial planning is all about assessing where you are, looking at your goals and working out a plan which helps you achieve them.

Whether you are in your twenties and just setting out on your career, approaching retirement, or perhaps beyond retirement, working with me will bring clarity and direction to your financial

Financial planning for you…

Retirement planning

I work with people of all ages – it’s never too early or too late for retirement planning.

You’re in your twenties, perhaps self-employed and not part of a pension scheme, you may want to start saving for your retirement.

If you’re in your 30s, you may have been contributing to a pension or pensions for some time, but you may be unsure if you are saving enough for retirement or if you’re invested appropriately.

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If you’re in your forties, or fifties and looking towards retirement, you may be unsure of what pensions you have. You may have paid into different schemes while you were with different employers or have different savings pots. It is likely that you may not know what these are worth, where they are invested or whether they will help you achieve the retirement you desire. You might be part of a final salary scheme and want to understand what it may get at retirement or you may be considering transferring out of the scheme. We can look at how to utilise all of these pensions and savings to maximise your position and achieve your retirement objectives.

If you’re at retirement, you’ll be looking to generate an income from your accumulated pensions and savings. Moving from growth to decumulation. We can help with the best way to achieve this, aligned to your aims.

If you’re beyond retirement, you may want to reduce your income or review how it is generated.

Everybody is different, with different aspirations and ideas and I will work with you to help you achieve your goals.


If you have children, you might be looking at ways to save for school or university fees. Perhaps you have a dream holiday you want to go on or have ambitions to upgrade your car or move house.

We will look at what investments you already have, look at what you may need, and help you make the most of available tax allowances.

Inheritance Tax planning

If you believe your estate may be liable to Inheritance Tax when you die, you’ll want to minimise the amount paid to the Treasury, or you might prefer to put a plan in place to cover any tax due.

We can look at ways of structuring your estate and your finances so that as much as possible is passed on to your loved ones. That might be through gifting money, setting up trusts, perhaps using
business relief, or creating a whole of life plan.

Together, we can reduce or even eradicate the Inheritance Tax liability, so you maximise the amount you pass on.

Protecting your family

Are you concerned about what may happen to your finances if you or a member of your family dies or becomes critically ill?

What if it is the main bread winner who is unable to work, or the one who does most of the childcare, is no longer able to look after the children? This could have a big impact on your family.

The whole of your financial plan could come crashing down without protection put in place:
protecting income, covering debt (such as the mortgage) and perhaps extra expenses.

We can put a plan in place that will either give you an income or pay a lump sum – whatever suits you and is affordable.

If you would like to talk to me about financial planning for you, your family or for your business, please get in touch to arrange a complimentary initial meeting.

Financial planning for your business…

Automatic enrolment

As a responsible employer, you’ll need to have in place a pension scheme that suits your employees and meets your statutory obligations.

You may want a scheme that simply meets your basic obligations, or you may want a scheme with added benefits to employees, to help attract and retain talent.

Perhaps you introduced a scheme when workplace pensions – also known as automatic enrolment – were introduced, but since then your business has changed and it no longer suits your needs.

I will work with you, or your HR teams, to assess and advise on the best scheme for your business and present the solution to your teams, so they feel engaged, involved and valued.

Employee benefits

Offering employee benefits can be a powerful recruitment and retention tool, and there are a number of options that you might want to consider. These include group critical illness cover, group income protection and death in service schemes.

We’ll work together to find the best option to suit you and your business.

Business protection

As a business owner, you might want to consider a range of options such as directors’ loan protection, shareholders’ protection, key person cover… these are all designed to ensure your business can continue to function should something happen. This might be the death of a director, or a shareholder, or even a key member of staff – perhaps your best sales person?

You might also think about having a relevant life plan, which is an alternative to death in service schemes where there are a small number of people to be covered.

We can look at the make-up of your business and put in a plan to suit you.


If your business is cash-rich we can look at ways of investing the money efficiently, to work harder for you. Rather than leave it in a bank account, through some careful investing we can ensure you get a better return.

If you would like to talk to me about financial planning for you, your family or for your business, please get in touch to arrange a complimentary initial meeting.