All the gear and starting to get the idea!

Although the weather has been awful, I have been maintaining my training. Spinning and on the static bike and I’ve just returned from my first ride out on the road in cleats. Watch this space!

My fellow London to Paris Cyclist and lovely friend Katie AKA Barbs has written this fab blog.

All the gear and starting to get the idea!
Barbs 2 clip ins 0

So today was my second ride out on my new road bike and clip ins!

It started with me fannying around for about 45 minutes, deciding what to wear, getting the bike out, fitting a water bottle holder by myself, yes that’s right, alan keys were out and I wasn’t to be defeated. Then I worried about falling off and the weather etc. After a bit more procrastinating I had a word with myself and my slightly sore head (too many red wines last night) and actually got on the bike.

After leaning against my house for 10 minutes clipping in and out the bike (looking very strange to the west bridgfordions passing) I finally plucked up the courage to get going…West Bridgford is full of stops and starts just to make things a little more tricky, but I tried to remain calm and prepped well ahead of each junction!

After about 4 miles I reached the countryside. Thats when I really settled into the ride and started to relax a little more. And before I knew it that was 30k done and dusted without falling. 2 rides to me 0 to the clip ins.

Tips and hacks from today ride:

  • Relax those elbows – I’ve noticed when I get nervous I really tense up and end up with super stiff straight arms.
  •  Clip out early – about 20 metres before the junction. I try to remain calm, position my left or right leg nearly at full lock and clip out to give me plenty of time to play with. It seemed to work today.
  • Clip in and out on both sides – I’ve now just about mastered clipping out on both sides. I wanted to make sure I did this to have more flex and ways out when I stopped. On my first ride my left foot and brain just didn’t connect, but pushed myself today and it worked.
  • Setting off – I realised today you don’t need to look at your foot when you clip in, you just feel for it and it slots straight in. On my first ride I was looking down at my foot, trying to place it and ended up all over the shop as my head was down my balance went out the window.

Still to master

  • How many layers to ride in – I was Ok today but when I stopped for a quick refuel I soon cooled down and then felt quite cool along with the breeze all the way home.
  • The big gears – I managed to use all of them today, but still unsure about the big ones on the left and when to put them to good use!
  • Foot position – as I naturally walk with my right foot slightly outwards I think I need to reflect this position with my shoes and connected clip in. My left foot/ankle feels a little sore from a forced position this eve.

Until next time.

Barbs x 🚲

Barbs is raising money for Macmillan. If you would like to sponsor her, click here.

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